About Us

We provide solutions to customers based on their needs. With Morris, customer is first and our main focus is provide the best solution with professional support.

We have 50+ year Experience on refurbishing and installing solutions across the world.

  • We address business in a different manner, with professionalism.
  • Add Technologies
  • New Processes
  • Worldwide Market Focus
  • New People

Our Mission

Be the Leader of the Boiler, Garbage Compactor, Incinerator, Sterilizer ´s Services Industry.

  • By be part of your team.
  • Take care of our customer´s needs.
  • Provide the best value in Services Solutions.
  • Attend your calls with urgency required.
  • Be your first choice.

Our Vision

Be the Number 1 in Services on the world.

  • Committed to the Excellence
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Transparency
  • Opportunity
  • Our Customer’s Trusted Advisor
  • Cost Effective & Practical Solutions
  • On Call 24/7/365